Brian Fielkow


Driving to Perfection:Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Culture

Brian Fielkow wrote Driving to Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Culture based on his 25 years of business and leadership experience. During this time, Fielkow has learned that fostering a vibrant company culture is the best means to ensure sustainable excellence. Yet, this challenge remains elusive for many entrepreneurial and privately held companies.

Driving to Perfection does not focus on the theory behind company culture. Rather, the book explores how a business, no matter the size, can achieve excellence through intense focus on the development and nurturing of its culture.

While parts of the book draw upon Fielkow’s experience in his current industry, its message is universally applicable. He believes that executives and managers of entrepreneurial, privately held companies best define the market for Driving to Perfection.

Fielkow’s chapters are succinct, and the book can be read easily and rapidly. It is written from the vantage point of an active business executive, as opposed to a consultant, and focuses on “how to” solutions that businesses can implement on their own. Fielkow proposes to spend your time, not money, and as a result, the ideas in the book can be implemented by businesses of any size. Driving to Perfection is holistic, and addresses the intimate challenges and fears that must be overcome before a leader can successfully drive change. The book also recognizes basic human needs which must be met before transformation can occur and does not deal with this subject in a theoretical vacuum.